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  • How will my flowers arrive?
    Your flowers will arrive in the bud form with eco - friendly packaging .
  • How can I change my order?
    Please email or call us to change your order 48 hours before your delivery date. Once you recieve a confirmation email your order will be changed.
  • Will I get a refund?
    We do not give cash refunds , however in case of any damage from our end we are happy to provide you with a replacement or store credit.
  • What are your shipping rules?
    Free shipping for all orders above Rs.2000 ( within our 12 km radius ) For subscriptions outside our radius - an email will be sent charging separately per delivery according to dunzo charges.
  • Can I change my delivery date / address?
    Yes ! Please notify us via email on the required changes.
  • What is the process of gifting a subscription?
    At checkout - please specify the name and address of the person you'd like to gift the flowers.
  • How will my flowers get delivered?
    Your flowers will be delivered by our delivery agent at your doorstep at any given time of the day. In case you are not available we will contact you and re-attempt your delivery.
  • I'm having a party at home - Can I order flowers?
    Yes! - please give us a call or email us so we can customise your flowers for you. We will be sticking to delivery on the designated days (Thu/Fri) . However - if it is a large order we are open to deliver on your convenient date.
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