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Tired of making all the decisions? Bored of the same old flowers? Then this is the answer for you. Get a fresh bunch of seasonal flowers weekly at this price and we promise to surprise you every week! 


 You will get 4-6 stems with each bunch - which will vary depending on the cost of flowers.


Images are for reference purposes only. Please have a look at our Instagram page to have a look at  our surprise arrangements delivered till date. 

The little surprise

  • The difference between the little/ regular and large surprise is the number of stems . The larger bunches get more variety with more stems although the theme of the surprise remains the same.

     Please note - this costing is for one set of flowers . You will get 5- 9 stems with this bunch.

    Let us know if you are allergic to any type of flowers and we will replace them for you with similar toned blooms.

    Images are for reference purposes only. 

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