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Image by Faye Cornish
Subscriptions - the best kind of  gift! 

Want to go down in gift-giving history with a present they’ll talk about for months? (literally)!  Our lovely flower subscriptions are here to help! 

Instead of a one- time present, this is the gift that keeps on giving!

Just choose how often you’d like your flowers to come and our creative team will ensure each arrangement is different and full of seasonal favourites


The Floral Collective_0_edited.png
The Floral Collective_0_edited.png

our flowers

Oriental Lilies, Asiatic Lilies & Chrysanthemums year round. Our surprise arrangements are composed with exotic seasonal flowers!

premium quality

Value for money

With us you get the best assured quality. Our Lily buds are sourced from the Netherlands and each bulb is used only once and then composted. Which means you will not get any seconds.

 By eliminating all the steps associated from harvest to delivery we are able to save on wastage and pass on the benefits to you. 

home delivery

Your fresh flowers will be delivered to you -  right at your doorstep (saving you the hassle of stepping out) !! Plus we offer free shipping for all orders above Rs.2000 !

No Commitments

Our flexibility allows you to pause, change or skip your deliveries! Just make sure to notify us up to 48 hrs in advance through email. You could also gift that week's flowers to a loved one! We'll make sure to include a special note.

The Floral Collective_0_edited.png
The Floral Collective_0_edited.png


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